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Facilities – Main Room

Sports Caster Grill & Tavern not only has over 50 television screens to view your favorite sporting event and 3 giant projection screens, but it also has an extensive game room, a large outdoor patio, and more. We also offer over 20 beers on tap including those from the local breweries. And our menu always gets rave reviews and attracts all types of diverse appetites.

Open every day of the year. 11am to 2am. Open earlier on Big Game Days. Hours may vary slightly on major holidays.

I have spent many, many days in this main room just enjoying the games on Sunday. You know we have everything you might want to watch. Not to toot our own horn either but this is not just for American sports fans either. We understand the feeling of being away from hme and not being able to watch the biggest match of your life just because the hotel doesn’t carry coverage. What a silly concept. You will me amazed at the coverage we offer. First when it comes down to local and national sports you will see that we are second to none in coverage. I am actually talking about everything right down to high school football. We show it all. You know when the locals stop mattering, we stop being of any real service to anyone. Besides, we really enjoy sitting back and cracking open a few beers while we enjoy seeing the boys from around town go at it on the gridiron. We would love to have you come down to enjoy it with us…

Now let’s talk about international sports. It matters not where you are from or what you want to watch, we will have it. We have many guest that reserve rooms whenever they have big games back home. They know we will have them and it is much cheaper than some of the alternatives like flying home to see the home team play… You might think that sound crazy but it is not nearly the most crazy thing that we have ever witnessed with our own collective eyes so to speak. Some people would give their left arm to be able to get good coverage of their favorite thing to watch. We consider that one of our biggest perks.

In addition to sports we have first class bartenders who can mix any drink in existence. You will be amazed to watch the flare that they deliver their beverages to the crown. You will think sometimes that what you see is impossible but it’s not. They just train very hard everyday in order to be the best in the industry, just like everyone else here. We have not even covered our chef’s yet…

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