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Stop by and enjoy all of SportsCaster’s game room activities

GOLDEN TEE LIVE: Play 18 holes and get free drinks. Monthly Tournaments for in house prizes. We offer the newest courses available.

SILVER STRIKE BOWLING: Score 280 or better and win an IPOD. Monthly Tournaments.

DARTS: Join a BMW dart league or just challenge your friends on one of our three boards. We will be adding new boards as the demand increases.

POOL: Sportscaster’s proudly offers 5 tables located in two separate rooms. Free pool every Tuesday.

AIR HOCKEY: Quite possibly the only one in Northern Colorado.

MEGA TOUCH BAR TOP GAMES:  For those of you addicted to the game, we offer one at each end of the bar.

Ms. PAC-MAN & GALAGA: No gameroom is complete without a few old school games.

BIG BUCK HUNTER PRO 2007!!!!!: If you haven’t played this game before it is a must try!

FOOSBALL: Play it here! For tips and tricks

I have spent plenty of nights dropping quarters into the selection of games we have here. Let me tell you what, I am a full grown man and I have no problem saying that the video games being released are awesome. They are so entertaining that I can spend hours and hours dropping way to many quarters into those bad boys. There are two very good reasons I am telling you this. First, You can enjoy many, many hours here playing the most fun and up to date video games known to the human race too. Second, if you have children that need to be kept busy during some of the more enjoyable times of your evening, we have a staff on duty to keep an eye on things… This means that even your kids getting bored will not pull you away from the party.

We have spent countless hours reviewing and playing games ourselves so we know what is cool. You have nothing to worry about if you think we are going to be outdated. We regularly have new shipments of great games sent in and slow sellers moved out. We want to be known for having it all and being a place you can have what you want so be sure these games will be the real deal.

Don’t let that fool you. If you think we will not have something just because it is an older game. You would be wrong. Oldies are goodies where we come from and if it is an earner, you will find it here. We have plenty of room too so if you know about something bigger or better, we would be happy to give it a go to see how it works out.

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