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SportsCaster Grill & Tavern was voted best sports bar in Fort Collins for seven consecutive years by the Coloradoan, from 1996 to 2002. We were also voted “Best Bar” in 2001.

The Rocky Mountain Bullhorn voted us the “Best Sports Bar” in 2003. And with the help of the seos at TNG Earthling, we rose to the top of Google searches for most of our important keywords, bringing us visitors and customers otherwise beyond our reach.

In 2006 the Rocky Mountain Collegian said that the Sportscaster Bar and Grill was “The best place to watch the big game”.

In 2008 Scene Magazine voted us “Best Sports Bar 2008”

We know that awards don’t always mean much but in this particular case, they mean everything. They were hard earned awards which we hold very near and dear to our heart if you know what we mean. We feel that every single patron is the very reason we are here. We were built to serve. We feel like the age old adage of the customer always being right is just the tip of the iceberg. You see we have, since our inception, come to the understanding that every single customer needs to be treated like they are the reason w(as a business) are in existence. Do you know what we mean?

Let me elaborate just a little bit. You see when a person comes in to a regular bar, the bartender may well know their name. If they are semi – regular, that is… Well here we believe that we should not only know your name but your drink too. In addition, we should know where you like to sit and even what type of food or snack you might like to enjoy while you are blessing us with your business. Does that help to clear the picture up just a bit?

I mean think about it. It has become the very normal way of doing business for a company to take advantage of it’s consumers. They take and take giving only the bare minimum back in return. Why should consumers settle for this? Well maybe it is easier in my field that in some others but at least around here, when a customer joins us for happy hour, we fully intend to be the reason there is a happy in the hour. This is our goal. To ensure our guests get what they pay for. Around here, that is not just drinks and a bartenders ear to bend. No, we like to serve a little smile and a lot of love with every drink you order.

It seems to us like the only way to do business but as we soon found out, it’s not… The whole reason we have these awards is because in this day and age, what we feel is the bare minimum, others hold up as the standard bearer… I think something has gone awry if that’s the case!

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