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The SportsCaster Bar and Grill in Fort Collins, Colorado — anybody know if they’re still around? One of my buddies was working remotely for the NYC seo expert Bob Sakayama and he used to tell me we could always find this place by just doing a Google search. But that was then and from where I sit I’m either not doing the right searches or the name has changed. I’m no longer in the Denver Metro Area, but I remember that it used to be a great place to hang out, either by the fire during the winter or out on the patio during those three weeks of bad skiing, LOL…

Seriously, though, me and my friends used to have a blast at the SportsCaster. It was really the place to be for a while. Seems like nowadays I do much more of my socializing and sports research online.

I’m sure there’s a negative side to that, but I have discovered how great it is to have such quick access to the stats and the news that I need for my hobby/job (jobby?) of online sports betting. I certainly couldn’t have made this life happen back in Denver, where the closest thing we have to a sports book is a sports bar with lots of books and where the waitresses dress as librarians (true story!).

Online sports betting is better than a land-based option anyway. I’ve been to the best sportsbooks in the country (Vegas, of course), and they really can’t hold a candle to the options and convenience of the online sports betting websites. Sure, a Vegas vacation is great for other reasons, but for actual gambling you probably want to stick to the Internet. That goes for sports, poker, and online slots as well. You can find the best online slots at Jackpotcity online casino.

So while I investigate the good ol’ SportsCaster Bar (and again, please let me know if they’re still around or not!), feel free to browse the information that I have been able to collect. Also feel free to check out any of my sponsors, who represent the cream of the crop when it comes to online sports books (and if you don’t want to take my word for it — which you shouldn’t, because the ‘net is full of people who love to lie to you!), and my subtle little links to my friends’ websites (such as their pages on online casino USA). I promise no harm will come to you from anything linked to on this site!

Like I was saying before. We like to keep things up to date around here so we have all of the best little toys and features you may have run across in your travels. If you take a look around, you might actually come across some stuff you didn’t even know existed yet… It is all in the name of guest satisfaction though. We really just want to be known as the happy place for the whole world…

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